Saturday, February 18, 2006

A little outing with Rue

I was feeling really restless today and my husband Rue could see it. Outside the sun was shining (although it was very cold) and I just didn't want to be in the house.
Rue decided to take me with him when he went over to the library in Tacoma. He said after the library we would go down to Ruston Way on the waterfront. So we headed to the library and checked out some books and movies to enjoy this evening. Then we headed down to Ruston Way. I made sure to bring my camera and my snowboarding jacket. Rue wanted to rollerblade, so he did. I decided to walk. So he would rollerblade a down the walk a little and then turn around and come back to where I was, talk with me for a little bit and then head out again.
Having a good fresh breath of sea air and sunshine was so rejuvenating. The air was so cold but it felt so good.
We stopped on a pier and I took a picture of Mount Rainier and Tacoma to the east and a picture of the Olympic Mountians to the west. The water was a beautiful deep blue and was really choppy with white-caps.
When we got back to the car our cheeks and noses were red from the cold. I felt like I had so much energy though. We drove over to the Antique Sandwich company to get some hot coffee. On the way there is an old concrete tunnel that you must drive through. It is an extremely narrow tunnel. There were icicles hanging from the ceiling and ice all over the walls. It was really pretty to see.
At the Antique Sandwich Company we both got coffee, Rue regular and me decaf. I brought a little baggy of some sugar-free creamer powder because I can't have sugar right now. We sat down in the back of the room and chatted for a little while. This place was a little different than I am used to. They had all kinds of interesting art up on the walls and rugs that looked like perhaps they came from India. There were all kinds of little wooden statues and nick-nacks. Rue described it as being "hippy".
We then headed down the street to Point Defiance Park. We took the 5 Mile Drive which is so lovely. The trees and shrubs are so dense you could almost forget that you are only a couple minutes outside of Tacoma.
We stopped at one look-out point and as we were driving away a little raccoon came out of the bushes right next to the car. I rolled the window down to take a picture. He kept coming closer so I think he must of thought that we had food for him. But then he turned aroung and scurried back into the bushes.
At the last look-out we could see the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and the construction of the new bridge on the other side of it.
After this we headed home. I am so glad that Rue had me come with him today. I had such a delightful time! :)


mreddie said...

Great photos! Nothing like that cold salt air to clean out the sinus. ec

Bonita said...

I'm glad you had such a good time - I like the little raccoon. You were fortunate to get that shot.

country-gospel-singer said...

Beautiful pictures. I have cousin Washington. I just love all little animals!!! Blessings, Janie Marie