Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Party for Ruhiyyih

On Sunday a bunch of us got together to have a little good-bye party for Ruhiyyih. She is moving to Washington D.C. on Thursday of this week. It was mostly family but also some of Ruhiyyih's close friends came also. We had a great time visiting. You can also read about the party on my mother-in-law Bonita's blog also. :) Here are some pictures I took of everyone.

This is a picture of Bonita standing on a bench in the living room taking a picture of the whole group. :)
Here are all five siblings together one last time before Ruhiyyih moves. From top to bottom: Laurel, Rue (my hubby), Ruhiyyih, Taraz and Rahmat.

I loved this picture because the cake matches Ruhiyyih sandals and Taraz's shirt perfectly. They ate the cake while we all sat around discussing what it must tast like. Laurel said it was a great way to enjoy the cake without actually eating all the calories. :)

Here are some pictures that my mom took.

My big bro, Ben.

George and Bonita. Cute couple! :)
Rahmat messing with Taraz. Don't you love their hair!? :)
Ruhiyyih and Justin, her best friend Veronica's little boy. He was such a delight at the party.

Me tickling Justin. Isn't he so cute!?

As you can tell, we had a great time! I love getting together with family and friends. I am so thankful for the family that God had blessed me with. We are going to miss Ruhiyyih when she goes but she is following what the Lord has lead her to do.


Bonita said...

I really enjoyed having all of my family around that day, counting all of my blessings that we've got so many wonderful youth in this family. The old-timers just sat back and enjoyed the banter. I've put all of the film on videotape today, and we are getting a kick out of little Justin, who simply stole the show.

I hope we can do it again in May, when Ruhiyyih comes home for a visit, and maybe include a camping-canoeing trip in the works.

mreddie said...

Great family shots, I do so enjoy family gatherings and it looked like everyone there did as well. ec

country-gospel-singer said...

Thank you for reading my blog. I have seen your posts on Betty's blog. LOL So nice to have a close family. My daughter and her family, and my step-dad was out for a simple dinner. We live in such a fast paced world that we need to make time for our family. Wishing you a blessed week.
Janie Marie

The MacBean Gene said...

You know, between you and Bonita it's almost like we, your happy little band of readers, are a part of the family. Just wanted to let you know we'll all be over for dinner.