Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Will it snow?

Pacific Northwest meteorologists are saying that tonight the temperature is suppose to dip into the mid 20's. Now I know in some places that seems like no big deal, but we rarely get temperatures that low. And then on Thursday night the high is suppose to be in the teens. Then on Friday, during the day, it will only reach freezing. They call it the Artic Blast since all the cold air is coming down from Canada.
But sadly, there will not be any moisture so that means no snow. I would love for it to just dump snow on us so we could enjoy a good snow before the winter is over. Rue and I did go up to Crystal Mountain and went snowboarding (which you can read about here) and that was fun to see all the snow in the mountains. It was so beautiful.
Who knows, maybe they are wrong. Maybe it will end up snowing. The meteorologists here in the Northwest have been known to make mistakes before. :)

(You can check out our weather forecast here)


Bonita said...

It is looking like miserable canoeing weather on the weekend. Ruhiyyih and I went for a walk today - just around the block. It was so cold we turned around and came running back into the house. If Taraz gets his apartment, we'll probably help him move on the weekend.

mreddie said...

Hope you get snow! I'm still with the daughter until tomorrow and so far it has snowed here in Tennessee 3 separate times. It was only about an inch each time and it was mostly gone by the end of the day - but that is more than we get back home in S.C. It is so funny around here when they want snow, the kids will wear their PJs inside out and put ice cubes in the toilet - thats supposed to bring snow. :) ec