Saturday, February 11, 2006

Valentine's Banquet

The youth group at my church put on their annual Valentine's Banquet for the church last night. We started the tradition when I was in the youth group. The first time we put it on was 6 years ago. The youth group made chicken cor don bleu with green beans and red potatoes. There was also a lime punch served with dinner and a garden salad to start. Then for dessert there was a yummy white cake with strawberry and chocolate sauce.
The room was decorated with white Christmas lights and lots of pillar and tealight candles. There were vases of different flowers on each table.
They played the old/newly wed game. Rue and I were called up to play, so were Hannah and Gabe. We had so much fun. Rue and I got three points and Hannah and Gabe won with four. We all had a good laugh. There were four other couples who played also.
The speaker was Marty's (our old youth leader who in now a pastor in Bellevue) brother-in-law who also a pastor. He spoke about having high expectations for your marriage. He talked about how all to often we settle for less than we actually could have in our marriage. It was a really good lesson.
When everyone was leaving they gave each lady a red rose. We had a great time of fellowship!

(My mom took these pictures. Aren't they pretty!)


mreddie said...

That sounded like a great night of fun and fellowship, with the bonus of the youth being in servant training. ec

Bonita said...

I'm glad I got to babysit Daisy while you attended this festivity. All of us had a nice time that evening - and Daisy made a Valentine box.