Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Right now I am working on a nine-patch quilt. I bought the lavendar fabric when we were on our honeymoon in July of '04. We found a very cute little quilting shop on the Oregon coast. And since my favorite color is lavendar my eyes were drawn to a little rolled up bunch of lavendar, reproduced fabric, fat-quarters. Reproduced fabric are prints from earlier times like the 1930's and 40's. I decided to make a nine-patch quilt with them. Except my little nine-patch squares will only be an inch big. I thought that would be really cute but of course it makes more work, but I like doing it.

My first step is cutting the fabric into 1 inch wide strips. (There are a few more patterns of fabric but I only picked 4 to show in the picture.)

The second step is to pick 2 different patterns and sew them together. Once the first 3 pieces are sewn together you take 3 more except the opposite of the first 3 pieces sewn together.

Next I cut the 2 strips into 1 inch wide pieces width-wise.

Next I pick 2 pieces from one strip and 1 piece from the other strip. I sew two opposite pieces together. Then sew on the 3rd strip so that the opposite strip is inbetween the 2 strips. I do this until all the pieces from both strips are used. There is usually one or two pieces left over that can't be used.

Now I have little 1 inch nine-patch squares.

These are the steps I am working on at the moment. Once I am done making all my squares I will show what I have to do next. Pretty soon I will have a quilt that I can pass down to my children and tell them I bought the fabric when I was on my honeymoon and they can give it their kids. :)


mreddie said...

My Mom used to really enjoy quilting - I have several that she did for us over the years - I treasure them highly. ec

Bonita said...

I've made so many quilits, and I made one using the 1 inch pieces put into a pattern of 9. This quilt is greatly in need of repair, and I'm working on that today, to make sure it lasts. I made the mistake of putting my quilts in the washing machine and dryer, and that causes some of the dyes to fade. I don't know how to get around that, as kids will use the quilts, and they need washing.

For Ruhiyyih's graduation gift (high school), I made a large patchwork quilt out of all her sports t-shirts, tennis, soccer, church, that when she went to college, there on her bed was her social history, with each activity emblaisoned in a large square. I have it now, upstairs, and it is waiting for her return ...she couldn't take it with her to D.C.