Thursday, February 16, 2006

Snack Time

I arrive at my nanny job at 2pm and the two boys I watch are already down for their afternoon nap.
Right on cue, at 3:30pm, is when they wake up. I usually hear Gabe (1 year old) first and then Isaac (3 years old) wakes up and starts talking to him. It is always fun to walk into their room because Gabe's little face always has a big grin on it from behind the crib bars. He knows what is coming, snack time! I get them ready and we head downstairs to the kitchen. Isaac climbs up into his blue booster seat at the table and I put Gabe in his high chair. I go and get some fruit and cut it up small enough for Gabe to munch on and then give Isaac his fruit too. Then I get Gabe a bottle of milk to go along with his fruit and Isaac either water or juice. On some days Isaac will have some yogurt as a snack and on special days he will get a cookie.
I also try to give Gabe some cheerios but he just doesn't seem to like carbs except for fruit. The only things he likes to eat are fruit or protein. When I told my husband Rue about this he said in his best Arnold Swartzenager voice. "He's going to be a body-builder!"

After snacks are eaten, then of course comes clean-up. Isaac is the easiest because all I have to do is tell him to go wash his hands and face. He goes into the bathroom, pulls out his little stool and cleans himself up. Gabe on the other hand usually manages to get fruit all over himself, in his hair and on the high chair. So it takes me a little time to get him clean. He doesn't like his face to be wiped off so he squirms and this makes it a little more difficult. Once the task is done they are both happy with happy tummies. And then it's play time! :)

(I took these pictures of the boys as they were waiting for their snacks.)


Bonita said...

Cute photos, Annie, and your camera gets great image quality.

I always enjoyed snacktime with my kids - bugs on a log was a favorite. Peanutbutter and raisens on celery sticks.

The MacBean Gene said...

Those are some cute kids! bugs on a log?

Anonymous said...

Little Darlings they are! You will have so much fun with that camera!